INTO: Tattoos, sarcasm, sushi & Japanese food, Moroccan tea, traveling with good friends, photography, books, cute girls, painting, sleeping, dogs, calm, independence, dramatic stuff, good old music, concerts, hanging out with my boyfriend, privacy, women rights, shopping, libraries, sleeping, pandas, planes, laughing with friends, ballet, gossips, coca cola, Facebook, Suicide Girls, summer, hearing lies when I know the truth, finding money on the ground, wearing a hoodie when it’s raining, the bass guitar…
NOT INTO: American action movies, clumsy people, stupid boys, fake people, porno, liars, mummies boys, insects, irresponsibility, oriental music, house music, homophobic people, judgmental people, people who interrupt me when I’m speaking, a mosquito when I’m trying to sleep, Mawazin Festival, rain, spring, people who wear red for valentine’s day, the neighbor who tries his new hummer Sunday morning, when you miss a step on the stairs & you think you’re going to die, when I get a great idea at night & don’t remember in the morning…
MAKES ME HAPPY: Friends, my family, the sun, the sea, eating sushi, the beach, being busy, trips, succeeding at something, a baby’s smile or laugh, chocolate, weed, alcohol, having a long walk with my boyfriend, having bonfires, change, meeting new people, making true friends, smiling, feeling warm, outgoing people…
MAKES ME SAD: intolerance, violence, Sundays, Tetouan’s weather, two faced people, feeling cold, animal cruelty, obscene wealth…
5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Family, Sushi, Money, Tea & Lipsticks!
VICES: Chocolate, sushi, Internet, tea, cute pictures of cute girls, lingerie, cupcakes, shopping…
I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME: Reading, listening to music, watching movies, looking at people’s photos, hanging out, sleeping…


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